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Nov 14, 2010 12:37 AM by John Romero

Father turns heartbreak into heart warming event

Saturday night was supposed to be a joyous night for the Shafer family. "My youngest daughter was to be married this evening." explains Mac Shafer, the father of the bride. Sadly, it never happened. "We had a tough time and it didn't work out." says Shafer. With few options on what to do about the wedding feast, the broken bride had an idea. "She's a super giving young lady." says Shafer, "When it was apparent that we weren't going to be able to do anything else she said dad, I want to feed the less fortunate."

On less than a day notice, the Shafer family came together with The Salvation Army and the Greyline and Ramblin' Express bus lines to bring an early holiday feast to those in need. The buses brought about 150 people from the Salvation Army shelters to the site where the reception was supposed to be held. "What this is all about is a warm meal on a really cold night." says Shafer, "Hopefully it makes for a nice November and a nice kickoff to the holiday season."

"Being in El Paso county and Colorado Springs, we see people stepping up to the plate and doing good things." explains Capt. John Bennet of the Salvation Army, "But I don't know that I've ever seen anything like this before." The Shafer's outpouring of generosity has warmed plenty of hearts like Capt. Bennet's. "This is so incredibly special to be able to experience somebody just pouring out their heart for people in need. It's an amazing thing. " he says. But it's Dad Mac who feels like he's the lucky one in all of this. "I'm the fortunate one in this situation." he says, "I was blessed with a great wife and 2 great daughters. I think this is living proof of it."



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