Jul 8, 2012 6:47 PM by Lacey Steele

Farmers hope for a snowy winter in the mountains

Farming this year means more work than usual because of dry weather conditions, but it's not this year's crop they're worried about.

We found out farmers need a white winter in the mountains or things could get worse.

"This is what Mother Nature gave us," said Carl Musso, owner of Musso Farms.

Dry weather and extreme heat do not mix well for farmers.

"This is what we have to deal with, and she's going to make us work really hard for whatever we want to produce," said Musso.

It isn't this year that concerns them.

They say they'll make it okay, but next year could be the big issue.

"All this green, for next year without a snow pack, could be just bare dirt," said Musso.

For now they're turning to a lot of irrigations.

"Instead of running 12 to 24 hour irrigation sets, we're running 8's and 12's and moving it in the middle of the night, three o'clock in the morning trying to beat this heat," said Musso.

They're also having to do extra work in the fields.

"He's trying to loosen up the dirt in the field right now to get rid of these cracks because of the wind," said Musso.

When wind get's into the cracks in the dirt, it can dry up the crops.

Despite the heat and the fact that some of their peppers are sunburned, they say this year's crop is fine and business is good.

"We need a miracle this winter in the mountains, and possibly even some snow here," said Musso.

More work this year isn't a big deal, it's next year's crop that could be hurt.

Musso adds produce farmers do not necessarily want a lot of rain right on their crops, they need it in the mountains so it runs down and helps their soil.



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