Jan 3, 2013 5:28 PM by David Ortiviz

Family upset over surveillance camera in cemetery

A family in Pueblo is upset their private moments at a cemetery are being recorded by a surveillance camera. The cemetery says it was put up by another family to catch a criminal, but the issue has sparked a heated argument about the right to privacy.

Tom Anderson and his family agreed to meet us as Roselawn Cemetery to show us the camera. As we arrived we were encountered by Frank Nash, Roselawn's Executive Director. The Anderson family was upset because they say they've complained about the camera with no feedback or resolution.

"My picture is taken everyday I come out here, I don't like it," said one of the family members. "That's my invasion of privacy."

The surveillance camera is wrapped around a tree overlooking a cluster of headstones.

"Would you like if I took your picture every time you went to visit your loved ones?" the woman asked Nash.

The Anderson and Hugh family noticed the camera because the lens points in the direction where their loved ones are buried.

"We were just shocked that we would be on camera, this is a very private moment," said Tom Anderson.

Nash explained to them the camera was installed by a private individual who was upset his mother's headstone had been vandalized. "I have a problem with someone desecrating his mother's grave," said Nash.

Roselawn says it's the only camera in the entire cemetery. There are no signs warning visitors it's there, but Nash says it been a big deterrent to protect the sacred ground.

"That's perfectly understandable, I understand what's going on there," said Anderson, but he doesn't feel giving up their privacy is the solution.

"It's just wrong," said Anderson.

Nash says he wasn't aware any families were upset over the camera and promised to take it down immediately.



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