Aug 22, 2012 9:24 PM by Siera Santos,

Family spends quality time on a bike built for five

Perhaps no family is more excited for the Pro Challenge on Friday than the Lawrences.

"We're just the weird bike freaks who have too many bikes to keep in one place," says 13-year-old Katherine "Kit" Lawrence.

Jim and Rebecca Lawrence have three daughters and one bike that seats all five of them.

"We all look kind of funny riding down the street in our matching uniforms and clunky helmets."

Although the quintbike is not the only one of its kind, Rebecca says it's still "an oddity." Wherever the quintbike goes, smiles and waves follow. Her husband, Jim, found the bike online in 2005 when their youngest, Stephanie, was 2 years old.

"It's a lot of fun. People seem to get a kick out of it so we enjoy it," Jim says.

He purchased the bike for $12,000 from a retailer in Oklahoma City that specializes in big bikes. The quintbike is 15'3 long, about the same length as a Honda Accord, and weighs 100 pounds. The Lawrences have made cameo appearances across the county on the quint, even documenting their excursions on their website:
Rebecca and Jim have passed their passion for cycling down to their children. On the open road is where they bond.

"It gives us a lot of time together. It gives us some time to bicker and argue, also, as the girls have gotten older," Rebecca says with a smile.

Watching the Pro Challenge is another way for the family to share their common interest.

"Being a family of five and doing what we do, we can't afford to travel to Europe to see any of the grand tours at this point. So to see the pros that we watch and follow right here in our backyard, where we can go and see them, is just amazing and inspiring," she says.




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