Feb 27, 2010 7:59 PM by Matt Stafford

Family searching for missing woman

These decorative flowers are keeping up appearances at home, but as for the woman who lives here, Mary Hucks, she hasn't been seen since Monday.

"We're thinking, that she's somewhere that she just can't get help," says her daughter Latoya Hucks.

Mary Hucks was last seen in Cripple Creek. People have been looking between Colorado Springs and there for her. While they've had some help, like an air search requested by Colorado Spring Police, Hucks' daughter says she expected more from law enforcement. She says she even called one nearby sheriff's office she called that didn't know what was going on.

"They said they had no idea, they said they would have had a search party out a couple of days ago," Latoya Hucks says. "So if that was dropping the ball, that's just disheartening."

Regardless of what's officially being done, this group is acting on its own.

"We're going to have everybody take a section and see what we can comb," says Hucks. "If this is what it has to be then we're doing whatever we can to help on our end."

However, this is just one end of the search. In Woodland Park, searchers got started early on Saturday.

"We're going to start at this end, they will start at that end, maybe we can meet in the middle and hopefully we find her," says Crystal Stratton, a friend of Latoya Hucks.

The searchers are acting by themselves, but taking any help they can get to point them in the right direction, like acting on a tip saying Hucks was seen leaving Cripple Creek

"They said they saw her heading up the pass towards the Springs," Stratton says.

So they're following the path, and stopping people a long the way for help.

"Somebody has to know something, and we're just trying to find that person," Stratton explains. "If it takes all day, we'll be here all day."



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