Jul 17, 2010 1:01 AM by Andy Koen

Family opens up about accident

Relatives of Jaydien Isome Lee Stroud say that the toddler did not simply wander onto the highway Thursday night, but that he had four adults actively searching for him when he was struck by a car and killed.

Terry Naber, Jaydien's great uncle, told News First 5 in an email Friday that the 2-year old boy, his mother and grandfather all had returned from the grocery store and had gone inside.  Minutes later, as the boy's mother was putting away groceries she noticed that he was missing.

Naber says she quickly searching the house for Jaydien and then called on the boy's grandfather and great grandparents to help her look outside.

"All of a sudden, he was gone," Harold Naber, the great grandfather told reporters.

In his email, Terry Naber describes a very quick sequence of events.  The group of 4 adults were calling his name and using flashlights to search in the dark. A moment later they tires screeching.

"He had never demonstrated any tendency to go down to the highway previously, but if anyone has seen a 2 year old doing the opposite of what the adults desire him to do, they understand how he may have actually been running away from where he knew the voices wanted him to go," Terry Naber said.

As news of the accident spread Friday a roadside memorial quickly grew, with children and families bringing flowers, stuffed animals and messages of hope.

The Colorado Spring Police Department says neither the driver nor the family will be charged.  A department spokesperson called it "just a tragic accident" that could've happened to anybody.

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