Feb 19, 2010 10:52 AM by Bea Karnes, News First 5

Escaped zebra leads wild chase through Atlanta

Police quickly closed in on the female fugitive, who had just escaped still wearing black and white stripes. She was on the run in downtown Atlanta.

"It's helicopters everywhere, at least six or seven of them," said witness Chelsea Henderson. "Multiple police cars. They just have traffic stopped."

Witnesses say she was fast, almost a blur as she cut through five points MARTA.

"I just seen black and white just moving," said Myla Miller who was leaving the station. "I said that looks like a zebra."

Say what now?

"I saw a zebra going straight down here," confirmed Don Angel Juan, who was also at Five Points, adding facetiously that, no, he had not been drinking. "All I saw was the zebra going straight down the street, and the cops following right behind it, which probably startled the zebra."

And no doubt "Lima" the zebra startled more than a few commuters, as she tried in vain to hide with the herd of slow moving cars along the Grady curve.

On the overpass above, a stampede of humans was trying to get a good look at something you don't see everyday.

"They were saying, like, the zebra was loose on the expressway," said Henderson. "So we stopped, and we actually saw it."

Lima had escaped from the Ringling Brothers circus at Philips Arena where Gov. Sonny Perdue, whose a veterinarian, was moonlighting as ringmaster Thursday night.

"I think they apprehended her very well and cautiously," said the governor. "I'm glad she's back with the circus."

Zebras apparently have a thing for Atlanta's interstates.

You may remember two years ago a young zebra nicknamed "Evidence" was found wandering Interstate 75 in Henry County.

"Evidence" had suffered injuries but was rehabilitated and later relocated to an animal sanctuary.



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