Jun 4, 2014 6:55 PM

El Paso County Sheriff Office's Computers Locked Down

News 5 confirms El Paso County tonight has locked down the Sheriff's Department's computers. Taking steps to secure all the content on the servers and individual computers.

The county is trying to prevent willful or accidental destruction of evidence related to the investigation into Sheriff Terry Maketa and accusations that he mismanaged the office, and handed out promotions based on sexual favoritism.

The Board of County Commissioners has directed the third party investigator and I.T. staff to gather all possible evidence. Seven hard drives have been collected. The Sheriff's Department says this is standard protocol.

Digging deeper, KOAA has learned they will address the cost of defending the charges against Maketa and the decision to hire high profile criminal defense attorney Pamela Mackey.

Mackey is best known for being basketball player Kobe Bryant's attorney. Mackey has reduced her rate to $250 an hour for El Paso County.

A release from El Paso County states it is responsible for ensuring all parties have proper representation. Separate outside legal counsel was hired to avoid a possible conflict of using the county's current counsel to represent Maketa.

The Board of Commissioners will have to approve the cost for Mackey to defend Maketa in an open and public meeting.

The County Commissioners are planning an 8am press conference Thursday.


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