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Sep 18, 2013 11:44 PM by KOAA

El Paso County Assesses Damage from Floods

An initial list of flood damage from the recent storms has now been released. 

El Paso County engineers say the early assessments come out to around $1,850,000. One of the issues detailed in the assessment is damage to bridges, especially one on Academy Boulevard near highway 85 where tens of thousands of cars travel daily. 

County Engineer Andre Brackin says after the recent flooding, he's woried about the damage the bridge sustained. 

"The material is starting to erode away from the piers and we need to replace that material and strengthen the foundation for that bridge or you could have pier failure at some point."

Even though engineers say the bridge is safe to drive on right now, another catastrophic flood event could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. 

"The variability is the size of the storm. A big enough storm could bring enough water that it'll wash a lot more of that material away which would make it much more vulnerable. And if that happens you're looking at a cost of some $250,000."

If the bridge were to be shut down, it would affect tens of thousands of people that would have to be detoured around it. 

While engineers say the damage isnt severe enough for repairs right now, they are keeping a close eye on it. 

" We know that in time it can get a lot worse, so we're looking at this very carefully right now and planning for the type of improvement it needs so that we can feel one hundred percent about it."




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