Jun 14, 2014 8:27 PM by Lena Howland

"Dump and Donate" event recycles old goods

Cars filled with unwanted junk lined up in the parking lot of Coronado High School to "Dump and Donate."

It's all a part of the 10th Annual "Dump and Donate" event in Colorado Springs.

"This is the perfect time of year to clean up yards, to clean up your house and get it ready if you're putting it on the market. So we started initially 10 years ago, with one dumpster," Barbara Harris, owner of Harris Group Reality, Inc. said.

Now, the event has grown to a city-wide affair.

"The fire department comes in with their chipper. I have two dumpsters, I have a non-profit, I have several different recyclers and it's just grown and grown," she said.

Colorado Mattress Recycling was there to help take in tons of the unwanted junk.

"Mattresses, couches, chairs, anything that plugs into a wall, runs on batteries, we take oil in, electronics, TV's, computers, blenders. I mean, all of the above, pretty much," Tim Keenan, Colorado Mattress Recycling owner said.

They say it's all about starting the recycling process.

"There's a lot of things that can become something from something else and it won't work that way if it's in the trash can," Keenan said.

Hazardous waste was also being taken in by the county because along with electronics, they are illegal to put in landfills.

"You don't want to really put anything hazardous down the drain because eventually if that gets into the water table, those kind of things, eventually it comes full circle and so we just don't want to contaminate any of our supplies," Cathy Andrew, El Paso County Community Services Environmental Division Manager said.

Volunteers come back to help with this event every year to keep Colorado Springs looking good.

"I want to cleanup our city and keep it looking beautiful, we have a beautiful background here with Pikes Peak and the mountains, why not have the rest of it be beautiful?" Harris said.



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