May 23, 2011 1:15 PM by Craig Eliot

Duck stampede winners just daffy!

Hundreds of people 'flocked' to the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo to watch almost 10,000 rubber ducks drop from the sky for the third annual Duck Stampede.

This years top three winners were 'daffy' with joy about taking home this year's prize money. The winners included:

1st Place  ($5000) Mandy Rivera from Pueblo West

2nd Place ($3000) Stephen Wright (Not the famous stand-up comedian)

3rd Place  ($2000) L. Fuentes

There was no winner of the one million dollar duck or the 'truck duck'. (Winner of a Ford truck or Cadillac Escalade being given away by a local car dealer)

Some participants said even though they didn't win they were looking forward to being 'down' at the Riverwalk for next years stampede of rubber ducks. One man said maybe he would use his 'duck-torate' degree in engineering to design a high-speed super duck for next year's race!

Total ducks sold this year for the event top out at 9,970!   A major portion of the money raised from the sale of each $5 duck is used by the local Rotary Club to buy hardback dictionary's for every 3rd grade student in all Pueblo County schools, public and private! 


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