Apr 18, 2014 12:37 AM by Bob Grotenhuis

Pueblo Drive-by Shooting Unnerves Neighbors

PUEBLO - Neighbors are wondering today if it's safe to go outside anymore.

Tensions are growing after another drive-by shooting.

The latest one happened last night on Pueblo's north side in the 2900 block of fourth avenue.

Two men were hit.

Police say they drove themselves to the hospital.

The search is on for suspects but for neighbors like Jacinto Pacheco, news of another drive-by shooting is unsettling, especially in what he considers a good part of town...

"Yeah definitely, I mean I'm from the east side and it's more common over there. I live in the lower east side, that's where I was born and raised but we thought we were getting away from that coming over here, but its everywhere now."

This is the 6th drive-by shooting in Pueblo in the last several weeks.

Police tell News 5 there is no reason to suspect they are related.


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