May 8, 2014 7:52 PM by Matt Prichard

Drill sends Memorial Star to the sky

Memorial Star taking part in this morning's catastrophe drill and giving KOAA a look at how tough it was from the air.

"There's usually a lot going on between doing patient care and talking to all of the resources that are on the ground, the different hospitals, air traffic control and doing all that and it all has to be managed at once in just a couple of minutes so it can get pretty hectic," said Flight Paramedic, Dan Young.

"That's a lot of moving parts, plus going on to the airport grounds, there was commercial airlines coming in and out and other aircrafts. So there was a lot of coordination for the pilot, and us watching out to make sure we're being safe coming in and out of the airport," said Flight Nurse, Eric Miller.

Miller taking our camera along for the ride and adding that although it's just a drill, they treated it just like any other day.

"We treated this like a real call as well, this wasn't a, ya know, while it's a training exercise we tried to treat it as if the patients were real, and community with the hospital and delivering the patient and those type of things," said Miller.

"Pretty realistic, it was a massive number of patients and a lot of resources utilized all at once and I think it all went off pretty well," said Young.

Both Miller and Young agreed these drills are important saying that practice equals perfection in a real life situation.



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