Jun 15, 2012 9:38 PM by Jacqui Heinrich

Dragonman's wife killed in freak movie production incident

The identity of a woman killed last night while filming a movie at a local shooting range has been revealed. Terry Flannell, 51, died after a smoke bomb shot off in a freak accident. Flannell is the wife of the owner, Mel Bernstein, better known as 'Dragonman'.

"You turn around and there's your wife laying with like 2 gallons of blood," Bernstein says tearfully.

It was a scene out of a movie, but for Mel Bernstein, it was all too real. While making a movie for the military channel, production crews fired a smoke bomb that shot off and killed his wife. "You've got a hole in there, the thing is like 3 inches around. It's like being hit with a mortar," he says.

Crews were filming the ending scene of the movie, where actors walk through a cloud of smoke. "It was the end of the movie, it was the end. And as soon as it went by I felt something right here, like 4 inches from my stomach... and right through my wife. Instant death, didn't even suffer just fell to the ground," Bernstein says.

Its not clear if production crews might be responsible for Flannell's death; the investigation is ongoing. Bernstein says of the film crew's handling of the smoke bomb, "They pointed it like towards us, and I should've noticed that. But at the end of the day, who would have thought a stupid thing like that would happen. I'd give anything to reverse it."

It's the first accident at the shooting range in all 31 years of operation. Investigators are determining whether the production company could be held liable for the accident, and whether Bernstein himself could face any charges in the incident that took his wife's life.

Production crews have since returned to California and Dragonman Arms will be open for business on Saturday. Bernstein says the range is safe, and the materials that caused the accident aren't normally present on the property, but were brought in for the purposes of the movie.

A funeral will be held for Flannell on Monday.



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