Jun 20, 2010 7:35 PM by Matt Stafford

Doug Bruce: "They hear my name and they start frothing at the mouth"

"...By handing it to such person. They didn't hand it to me," says Doug Bruce, reading from Colorado law on serving subpoenas.

Bruce says legally he's not in contempt of court. The motion against him claims Bruce ignored a court subpoena to testify on a hearing for individuals' involvement in promoting three ballot proposals for November.

"Well we filed a motion Friday asking the Denver District court to rule that we have effectively served Mr. Bruce," Mike Saccone, with Attorney General John Suthers' office, said this to News First 5 on Tuesday.

Bruce says he just learned of the subpoena and contempt citation. He sent an email to the Attorney General on Friday, defending himself and asking to set a date for a court hearing.

"You can't have contempt of court for disobeying an order with which you were never properly, personally or legally served," Bruce says.

That's not what the A.G.'s office says, in the motion they say the subpoena was properly mailed and received, and that they made 30 unsuccessful attempts to personally serve Bruce between May 4th and May 18th. They say Bruce was eluding them. However, that's not how Bruce sees it.

"They admitted that they failed every time, but they're adding up 30 failures and saying that constitutes success," says Bruce.

Bruce says he feels like he's being targeted and that others wouldn't be treated similarly.

"Everybody listening here knows that they wouldn't go to all this trouble if the person's name was Joe Smith," explains Bruce. "They hear my name and start frothing at the mouth."

Bruce says he has received a response from the Attorney General's office, and that the two sides are still not in agreement on the situation.

It will likely take the courts to sort out.

Douglas Bruce has a copy of his response to the Attorney General as well as their return response on his website. You can visit it by clicking here.


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