Sep 4, 2009 11:42 PM by James Jarman

Don't mess with hunters, it's against the law

Labor day weekend is one of the busiest of the year for campers and hikers hitting the high country. It's also archery season for deer and elk, and thousands of hunters are also in the mountains.  

The Division of Wildlife's asking everyone to be careful and respectful.   They also remind that it's against the law to harass hunters, or interfere with their hunt.

If you do, "you get a summons to appear before a judge and the judge can fine the person, if found guilty, anywhere from $500 to $1000," said Michael Seraphin, of the Division of Wildlife.

Hunter Darin McDaniel knows some outdoor enthusiasts disagree with hunting, but told News First 5, "I would just ask, as a hunter, if you see me out there doing my thing just stay away.  If I notice someone trying to interfere with me or my hunt, I'm going to call the game warden or sheriff's department and they'll take care of it for me." 

The DOW says is a multi-million dollar industry in our state, helping boost local economies.  Also, wildlife biologists say hunting helps them manage the deer and elk populations. They can put more hunters in areas where there may be too many deer and elk.

"It's just as bad for the animals to overpopulate an area, in which case they all suffer because there's not enough forage," said Seraphin, "so hunting is a tool that can be used as a control method for that."


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