Jul 8, 2013 6:09 AM by Lacey Steele

Don't waste printer ink, it's expensive!

There's something in your household that's guzzling about the most expensive liquid you'll find, and it's not the car or truck in your garage.

Printer ink is expensive!

From $10 to $75 an ounce, which means a gallon of printer ink can cost you the same as 2,600 gallons of gasoline or 2,800 gallons of milk!

"It actually turned out to be more expensive in many ways than to buy Chanel #5 perfume," said Paul Reynolds, an electronics editor.

The bad part: a lot of the ink is never used.

When most printers clean print heads, precious ink drains to another part of the cartridge.

The best thing to do, always leave your printer on.



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