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Jan 31, 2012 1:50 PM by Sharon Knight

Dollar stores thrive in this down economy

While other big retail giants are struggling to survive, dollar stores across the nation are thriving. Why? Perhaps because it is becoming popular to not only hunt for bargains, but then brag about them. And that could be changing the shopping landscape.

In the past, dollar stores were thought of as almost low class. But not anymore. "Everybody wants a deal," says George Belch, with San Diego State University. "I think we tend to have this idea that the only people who are going to shop in these stores are lower income people or people who absolutely need a bargain. That's just not true."

So today, many neighborhood shopping centers and malls are welcoming the dollar stores. They pay the rent and bring in a steady stream of shoppers.

One report shows there are now more dollar and 99-cent stores in the US than drugstore chains.



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