Oct 29, 2009 4:25 PM by John London

Dog nearly became coyote snack

Cathy Pragar, Of Anderson Township, Ohio says that only moments separated her Chihuahua, Daisy, from being a nighttime snack Monday night.

"If it was a second later, she would have been dead," she said.

Pragar said Daisy was in the driveway of her home at about 9 p.m. when something much bigger attacked.

Pragar said when she heard her dog being attacked, she ran outside and saw Daisy in the jaws of what appeared to be a coyote.

Pragar screamed, the predator bolted, and it took 20 minutes of searching by flashlight to find her tiny 9-year-old dog.

"She took off down the hill and over here, but we were in here searching," Pragar said.

Neighbors said another small dog was attacked, probably by a coyote, in Turpin Hills a couple of months ago.

Sarah Hammelrath said she sometimes gets an eerie feeling at night around her home.

"You just hear, like, howling almost. It sounds like little dogs barking, but it's off in a distance and it's a bunch of them. And my husband says it's clearly coyotes, just the way that they sound," she said

Daisy, recovering at home after a trip to the veterinarian, has eight puncture wounds on her 5-pound body.

Pragar said that, with trick-or-treating just a few nights away, she wants people around here to know what's outside

"I wouldn't let my children out playing without me being around if they were little. And I definitely wouldn't let my small animals out," she said.

Officials said that they've notice no increase in coyote attacks, but admit that no one tracks the numbers, either.



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