May 27, 2011 11:52 PM by Matt Stafford

Does your lawn have dead patches?

The green that normally comes with spring is sprinkled with patches of brown and yellow.

Barbara Bates, with C.S.U. Extension, says people are facing some tough choices for their lawn care this year.

"If the turf isn't useable stop the battle right now, and just move to something else," says Bates.

At Rick's Garden Center in Colorado Springs they say several people have been in to weigh their options.

"Easily the number one question of the year is what's wrong with my lawn," says Mike Estes, owner of Rick's Garden Center. Estes says they've sold 40 percent more grass seed than average this year.

"People who have always had a wonderful lawn are wondering what the heck happened, and it's not just them -- don't feel alone," says Estes.

Estes says what happened came about three months ago, when temperatures dropped so sharply in February. Then many people were worried about their pipes, while the roots in their yards were being damaged.

Now some of the best grass growers around are having issues. Golf courses are having problems with dead patches. At Patty Jewett Golf Course in Colorado Springs they had to move the 5A girl's golf tournament to a new location this week to work on problem areas.

As for your yard, Estes says the answer to fix it depends on your lawn; dead grass is dead, but not every lawn is completely dead.

"A lot of lawns have sprigs of green coming up every six or eight inches, but it looks real blotchy," says Estes. "A good fertilizer will allow that to recover without having to go to all the other steps."

If the green patches are more than a foot ore two away from each other, Estes says it's likely time to move on.

"It has to be either resodded, totally, or it has to be seeded," says Estes. He says that will take some work, but Estes says you still can have a great looking lawn by the end of the summer.

Estes also says watch your trees and shrubs; he expects them to begin showing signs from this winter's cold snap soon.



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