Jan 22, 2014 6:47 PM by Matt Prichard

District stands against legalized pot

The Interim-Superintendent for District 38 in Monument isn't shying away from the issue of legalized pot.

"The availability of drugs to kids across the United States is there, it's certainly more available now than its been in the past. Now that it's going to be recreational," said D38 Interim-Superintendent, Ted Bauman. 

The D38 leader launched an email Tuesday saying pots not going to be tolerated on school grounds, and that parents need to keep the conversation going at home. And even though the drug may be legal, locals seem to stand with the superintendent. 

"I think it's the appropriate one. I think he's interested in explaining the effects of it rather than encouraging people to go try and see how it works," said Monument resident, Harriet Halpig. 

"It's really important. We have the analogy of the brain on drugs, frying on the sidewalk. They need to know how dangerous it really is," said Monument resident, Doug Caldwell. 

It's only been a day but Bauman says they've had terrific response from parents who are on board with the plan.

"I don't know how everyone reacted to it, but if we can help one or two parents with these situations, that's what I'm interested in," said Bauman. 

The hope is a drug free school throughout the district. And Bauman says regardless of if it's recreational or medical, he doesn't want it on his campuses. 



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