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Mar 29, 2013 12:21 AM by Tony Spehar -

Department of Corrections releases Evan Ebel's prison records

The Colorado Department of Corrections (DOC) released the prison records of Evan Ebel on Thursday, Ebel is the prime suspect in the murder of DOC Director Tom Clements on March 19 and was later killed in a shoot-out with sheriff's deputies in Texas.

Ebel entered the Colorado prison system in February of 2005 after being sentenced to eight-years in prison for an assault charge out of Adams County and three-years to run concurrently for a menacing charge. In the time he served he had 28 rule violations including three assaults and two for fighting with other inmates.

According to DOC records Ebel almost immediately began causing trouble by engaging in numerous fights with other inmates. On multiple occasions Ebel taunted other inmates by smearing his own feces on cell walls and doors.

Ebel also had numerous run-ins with corrections officers while serving in various prisons around the state. In September of 2005 he told a corrections officer "he would kill her if he ever saw her on the streets and that he would make her beg for her life." Then in November of 2007 he hit an officer in the face and threatened to kill the officer and their family. He received a four-year sentence for assaulting the officer, that sentence ran concurrently with the time he was already serving.

For most of the nearly eight-years Ebel spent in prison he spent time in administrative segregation, a higher level of security for inmates considered dangerous. On two occasions he was put into programs designed to progress him out of administrative segregation but was taken out for discipline problems.

During a 2012 parole assessment Ebel was deemed a high risk for re-offending and officials gave him odds of two in three that he would commit another crime. However, on January 28 of this year he was paroled because he had reached the end of his sentence and DOC was legally required to let him go. According to the documents he was to have undergone 36-months of parole and was being electronically monitored.

The documents don't detail Ebel's connection to the 211 Crew, a white supremacist prison gang that sources say may be connected to the death of Tom Clements because DOC administrators had moved gang members to various prisons because the 211's had become too powerful. The records only state that Ebel was a known member of the gang with had been labeled a "security threat group."



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