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Jan 31, 2010 9:09 AM by Jamie Smith

Dentists say kid cavities on the come back

Dentists are frustrated by a trend they're seeing in young patients. After years of steady decline, there's evidence that cavities are making a comeback.

According to the CDC, pediatric cavities were at an all time low in the mid 90's, with 24% of kids ages 2 to 5 having at least one. But the latest data available suggests that number is up about 4%.

Dr. Melissa Rozas, a dentist, has a pediatric dental practice. She says most often, the cavities show up when kids start school and their diets change. She says "they are able to get some things that maybe they weren't able to get at home such as chocolate milk, strawberry milk, possibly some desserts that they can go through the school line and get."

Dr. Melissa Rozas says the bacteria that cause the cavities forms much earlier. That's why dentists and doctors suggests dental visits starting at age 1, so parents can implement good dietary and dental hygiene habits from the moment the first tiny tooth appears.

Doctors also say parents should only give their children milk and water, never let them sleep with a bottle or sippy cup and limit snacking and sugary foods. They also say you should brush and floss their teeth as soon as they appear.




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