Oct 13, 2009 5:59 PM by Bea Karnes

Deer attacks woman in Florissant

A buck mule deer gored and stomped a woman near Florissant on Monday, leaving her with cuts and buises to her arms and hands, upper leg, stomach, and hip. Joan Nutt, 63, was at the home of her sister when the attack happened around 5 pm. Nutt's sister's family was familiar with the deer and said it was a frequent visitor to their property. Nutt apparently called the deer, in an attempt to pet it. The deer got close, lowered its head, and charged.

A passing motorist was able to scare the deer off and contact the Teller County Sheriff's Office. When medical services arrived, the buck continued to come back to the area. "We had to constantly harass it away from us," one of them said.

When Wildlife officer Aaron Flohrs from Colorado Springs arrived, the deer walked right up to him within a few feet. Flohrs prepared to defend himself but the buck backed away. "There was no direct evidence Nutt was feeding the animal, but this deer's behavior was a clear indication that someone in the area had tried to domesticate a wild deer and treat it as a pet," said Flohrs.

The deer was tranquilized and later euthanized. The deer was deemed a threat to human safety. "Mrs. Nutt was very fortunate a Good Samaritan stopped by to help her. A large buck deer can severely injure, or even worse, kill a person in a few seconds," said Shaun Deeney of the DOW.

Deeney reminded people that wild animals can never be trusted, especially mating season.


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