Jan 11, 2014 11:17 PM by Tony Spehar

Deadline looming for budget cuts at CSU-Pueblo

Decision day is drawing near as CSU-Pueblo must cut $3.3-million from their budget which could cost up to 50 people their jobs.

On Jan. 17 CSU System Chancellor Michael Martin will head a forum at CSU-Pueblo where a system of notifying people whose jobs will bet cut and the process of making cuts will be discussed. On Saturday evening university administrators, staff and community members met to discuss the situation and what impact the cuts could have outside of CSU-Pueblo.

"Pueblo County's argument is that the economic impact of this is not just $3.3-million, but almost $8-million to Southern Colorado," said Associate Professor Fawn-Amber Montoya.

The budget problems are being blamed on a decline in enrollment and money from the state, but Montoya and others say other CSU schools aren't seeing the same level of cuts.

"CSU-Pueblo's not a second-rate institution and we are not second-rate professors," Montoya said. "Some of the people that I work with are doing amazing work."

At Saturday's meeting CSU-Pueblo President Lesley Di Mare said she would be asking CSU leaders for more time in making budget decisions.

"The deadline is looming, I will be going to Denver on Wednesday to speak with the chancellor and also the chair of the board of governors," Di Mare explained.

But, if more time isn't given Di Mare and others at CSU-Pueblo will be facing tough decisions.

"We will meet with the entire faculty as we've been doing and attempt to make cuts that are not too crippling," she described. "But when you cut positions it's going to have an impact."

A rally in support of CSU-Pueblo is scheduled for Jan. 16 at noon at Sister City Plaza.


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