Jan 2, 2014 9:47 AM by Garrett Boyd

Day 2 of recreational pot sales in Colorado

No shortage of marijuana buyers is expected on Thursday. Retail pot sales went late into the night in Pueblo on Wednesday.

Marisol Therapeutics closed at 11 p.m. with people lined up right until closing time. Many people waited in line for well over five hours. The store's owner estimates they made about $30,000 in sales so far.

Tax reports come in next month, so Colorado's Department of Revenue won't know how much money pot shops are bringing in right now.

If stores run out, they are allowed to buy a limited amount of additional pot from other dispensaries.

Authorities in Wyoming say they are seeing more pot than ever since it became legal in Colorado. Deputies expect an increase in marijuana arrests since the drug is illegal in their state. People are not allowed to take pot across the Colorado border.

To help with pot rules, a ban on the drug at Denver's airport remains in place. Other state lawmakers hope this will keep pot from spilling over into their territory. For now, the federal government promises not to interfere in Colorado, even though using, possessing, growing and selling pot remains a federal crime.


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