Jul 23, 2014 8:41 PM by Greg Dingrando

Data shows Colorado Springs neighborhood is deadliest in the state

COLORADO SPRINGS - Numbers uncovered by KOAA show one Colorado Springs neighborhood earns the dubious title of deadliest in the state when it comes to shooting.

Two fatalities, and two other gun shot injuries in less than a week prompted us to take a closer look at the Pikes Peak Park neighborhood on the southeast side and we found census data that shows over the past 12 years its the deadliest in the state.

"Deadliest neighborhood" is certainly not the title any community wants to have and the recent rash of crime isn't helping ditch that name anytime soon.

Crime in Pikes Peak Park is unfortunately nothing new.

"Maybe 2 or 3 nights ago we were hearing gun shots out our window. We were just sitting on the floor. That's scary," said Breanna Moore.

Especially when you consider among those on the floor, were her kids.

"My 6-year-old daughter is like that's a gun shot. I don't want her to know what that is," said Moore.

But what was surprising to the people there was finding out just how bad it really is.

O wow in the state of colorado? That's sad because Colorado is actually a big state," said Breasia Sessoms.

"I never thought Colorado would have a hood, but welcome to the hood," said Moore.

But when we took the data to the Colorado Springs Police Department, they were a bit skeptical.

They said the fact that it lumps suicides into the same category as homicides throws the whole thing off. They're recent data shows things have gone the other way.

"Those were both areas that have been rather uncharacteristically quiet for the amount of people in that neighborhood," said Catherine Buckley with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

But Buckley said that doesn't mean they're ignoring it.

"This is one area where we do have officers in and do have officers assigned upon intelligence we have," said Buckley.

Taking a look city wide, Colorado Springs has had 14 homicides so far this year, that's five less than at this time last year.

With that said police will be keeping a close eye on the numbers to make sure the recent spike in crime doesn't turn into a deadly trend.



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