Feb 26, 2014 7:39 PM by Matt Prichard

Dangers of social media

A social revolution over the last decade as websites like Facebook and Twitter change how we express ourselves. But all too often the social tool becomes an employment nightmare.

"Anyone, future or past employers, potential partners in life could be seeing what you're doing on social media and it has real potential to distract from who you truly are," said Candace Datz.

Candace Datz consults with companies letting them know the do's and dont's of social media and says all too often it's their own employees they're most worried about.

"People are really concerned about what their employees are posting on Facebook, Twitter, pictures on Instagram, videos on Vine. So companies are really concerned about the public image their employees are giving off," said Datz.

Despite the obvious concern Datz says sometimes the best policy for companies, is no policy at all.

"You shouldn't be spying on your employees on their Facebook accounts, but what should be happening is that your employees should feel empowered and engaged to speak appropriately about your company," said Datz.

Regardless, Datz says be aware of what you're posting and how others might read it because you never know who's looking.



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