Jul 18, 2013 7:35 PM by Bill Folsom

Damaged wells are a threat to water in Black Forest

The results are in on how many wells were damaged by the Black Forest Fire. Most homes in the Black Forest area use well water and after the fire a team with El Paso County Public area did a survey of destroyed homes to determine the damage to wells.

They went to 522 burned or severely damaged homes. They found 99 wells severely damaged from burning or being run over by heavy equipment.

When caps on wells are damaged it leaves an open route for contamination of the water below ground. "The real key is keeping things out of those wells," said Tom Gonzales with El Paso County Public Health, "So we're urging homeowners, if you have one of those wells contact us. We're getting some equipment to help you cap that up temporarily"

A damaged well does necessarily mean water is contaminated, but it has much higher potential for it. El Paso County Public Health is also offering free water testing for victims of the fire.



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