Apr 7, 2010 5:16 AM by News First 5

D-2 board member makes fiery speech before vote

It's a done deal.  Harrison School District 2 approved a policy Tuesday night that changes the way they do business. some say it will help the district be more efficient but a lone board member says it gives too much power to the superintendent.

"I can not and will not trust these people sitting to the right of me," said Victor Torres, vice president of the D-2 schoolboard, who gave a fiery speech at Tuesday night's meeting addressing several recent actions.  He also raised allegations of mistrust and mistreatment.

"I will not support a corrupt system that allows a board member to be barred from the district e-mail system while trying to do his elected duties," he said.

The speech came minutes before the board voted on a new policy called a coherence governance policy.  Torres strongly disagrees with it, saying it violates board policy. The district says it's perfectly legal and will streamline the way they do business.  "Now going from 300 to 29 policies, they're more manageable, they're easier for the school board to look over review and make sure that we're meeting those standards," said Jennifer Sprague, D-2 spokeswoman.

Others today called it ‘suspect' and say it gives too much power to the superintendent, Mike Miles.

"Mr. Miles authority under the new policy will be largely unchecked by the authority of the board," said one person.

"I'd like to remind all of you on schoolboard of education that the superintendant of Harrison School District works for you," said another woman. "You don't work for him."

Torres says he now plans to call lawyers.  The new policy cost the district more than $50,000. 



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