Aug 12, 2014 3:25 PM

CSPD: Burglar gave wrong name after arrest

COLORADO SPRINGS - A man arrested for burglarizing an office building in east Colorado Springs tried to pass himself off as a different person, according to police.  CSPD was called to a strip mall in the 3700 block of Astrozon Blvd for a burglary in progress.  Officers heard movement in the attic area when they arrived.  Officers say that they ordered the suspect to leave, then sprayed pepper spray into the attic area, but no one came out.  Eventually, CSPD was able to take the suspect into custody with the help of a K9.

CSPD says the suspect told officers his name was James McDow, and had identification to support that claim.  However, when he was fingerprinted, police were able to determine his true identity, 43-year-old Tyler Konecne.

Konecne had an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Konecne is charged with numerous felonies including burglary, posession of burglary tools and attempting to influence a public servant.



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