Mar 4, 2014 8:25 PM by Joanna Wise

Crews tearing down trees at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Crews are busy tearing down hundreds of acres of burned trees at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

The trees may be dead, but not useless, at least with the help of a machine called a hydro-axis.

"They can pull right up to the tree, and it's got a big arm on the front of it," said Vice President of the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park Mike Bandera.

That arm will engulf the entire tree and spit it out piece by piece, "right down to the ground."

What was once burnt and charred has now become mulch, nourishing the 28,000 lbs. of seed that was dispersed over the park a couple of weeks ago.

Bandera says that's not the only reason why the trees are being torn down.

The Arkansas River is the source of water for Cañon City and many other cities on down stream," said Bandera.

In order to keep the water clean, they have to keep as much dirt and debris out of it as possible. the mulch will help with that.

The city also put up check-dams. What they do is hold the water and let the sediment fall to the bottom. So what hits the river is mainly clean water.

Meanwhile, workers are also busy constructing the new visitor center nestled right next to the bridge.

Bandera says the center will be open in August.

People in the community say it's a relief finally seeing work being done.



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