Jun 3, 2014 11:08 PM by Matt Prichard

Creek work wraps up in Manitou

Work on Fountain Creek in Manitou Springs is done after six months of work wrapped up Friday.

"We're really excited to see what its done, we've already had one storm come through and its done exactly what we hoped it would. It's been moving the sediment continuing to move the sediment through the creek area," said Flood Recovery Manager for Manitou Springs, Roger Miller.

Crews worked down the entire creek, removing eight thousand cubic yards of sediment. A lengthy process with little room for error.

"We actually had a survey done of the creek before we started to understand how much we had to remove and then we're actually doing a survey right now to make sure we brought it down to the correct level and not over-lowered it," said Miller.

The idea was to keep the creek flowing in a more narrow and deep current, causing local residents to become frustrated with all the sediment not being taken out. But Miller says they simply aren't seeing the full picture of this project. 

"People have been concerned that we've not pulled enough, but we try to explain to them that by over-lowering the creek we could actually create more damage. We want to leave a certain amount in there, just above the final grade so the river does that final grade itself," said Miller.

Those concerns aside, Miller says he's confident their work will pay dividends when those summer storms come rolling in.

"We think it's going to make a huge difference long term, and again time will tell as far as if we get more sediment that comes down creek, from another storm, we may be going through this process again. But right now we're very pleased that we got the capacity back that we need to handle the storms we foresee coming," said Miller. 

Miller did say that this is a mitigation effort, and therefore will need to be monitored in the years to come. But adds that this certainly gives them a leg up as we head into the summer of 2014. 



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