Jan 13, 2014 9:19 PM by Matt Prichard

Crash victim relives horrifying moments

Gilbert Sherrer is counting his blessing tonight after he was thrown into a twenty car pileup on I-25 just south of Pueblo, Monday. 

"I'm just lucky to be alive man, this was a really bad wreck. It was a split second with no time to think. You look up there's a crash in front of you, I hit the brakes, somebody hit me, I hit them, it was a pile up," said crash victim Gilbert Sherrer. 

"It's weird, quiet weird. No noise, all you heard were ambulances, it was like something you'd see out of a movie," said crash witness, Daniel Bravo.

The Colorado State Patrol says a semi-truck crashed right in the middle of the dust storm, blocking the left land and causing a hazard no one could see.

"That semi had wrecked, I couldn't see nothing. Tried stopping, and then the guy hit me from behind, and knocked me into a bunch of other cars," said Sherrer.

Thankfully among the twisted metal no one was seriously injured. But Gilbert Sherrer says he'll never forget the entire experience.

"Everybody survived this crash. And they're lucky, we're all lucky, I'm lucky," said Sherrer.

Colorado State Patrol officials say that every driver was slowing down because of the conditions, and that is a big reason this potential tragedy was avoided.

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