Mar 7, 2012 7:57 PM by David Ortiviz

Coworking spaces hope to attract creative thinkers

From New York to San Francisco there's a growing trend in the business community called coworking space. People can rent desk or office space and work side by side with others in a creative environment.

"We have a couple desks, then we have a lounge area back here," said Jason Cipriani, founder of Beta Desks Inc. Cirpriani recently opened his business on Broadway Ave. in Pueblo. "When I've explained what the business is to people, as soon as I say 'coworking' their eyes just kind of gloss over," said Cipriani.

Cipriani says coworking means independent workers sharing office space without the distractions typically found at home or in coffee shops.

Clients bring their own laptop and work at a rented desk, with access to wireless internet and office supplies. "And here you have like-minded people who want to get work done as well, and not only that when you're around people your creativity increases," said Cipriani.

The concept of sharing office space isn't entirely new. Back in the mid-80s the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation also known as PEDCO opened the Business Technology Center at 3rd and Main St. Small businesses can rent an office and share a receptionist and other expenses, so they don't have to pay for their own building and utilities which can be gamble for start-ups. "I mean in today's tough economic times it is a stretch for people to take that leap into building their own business," said Crystal Romero, BTC Administrator. It seems to be working at the Business Technology Center. They have 35 suites and all but two are occupied.

Coworking spaces are getting attention nationwide. "Normally it's a big city thing, it's taking off all over the world actually," said Cipriani. He says there are coworking spaces in Denver, Colorado Springs and now Pueblo.

So how much does coworking cost? At Beta Desks, you'll spend about $200 a month to become a member.


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