Oct 1, 2012 11:14 PM by David Ortiviz

Council members express support for public prayer

Tonight Pueblo City Council members got their first chance to talk openly about an issue that's been a hot topic in the past week: praying at public meetings.

Many on council expressed broad support for keeping the prayer at meetings, but there could be some changes.

For now breaking from tradition council says local clergy members will no longer give the prayer, so there's no appearance of bias. This comes after the Freedom From Religious Foundation criticized the prayer, saying in part the prayers were mostly Christian.

Many on council want to keep the prayer, but they may decide to read it themselves.

"Hopefully it being that next meeting we'll obviously include the prayer section," said Councilman Leroy Garcia.

"To me the power of prayer is astronomical and I totally support prayer," said Councilwoman Eva Montoya.

"I would like to have it as diplomatic and all-encompassing as possible and maybe that's not possible, but that's where I'd like to start from," said Councilman Steve Nawrocki.

If council wants to remove the prayer, they would have to vote to amend the city's ordinances. Tonight's meeting was a work session, so there was no vote.



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