Nov 12, 2011 8:13 PM by Trovette Tottress

Could your choice of pet foods be making your furry friend sick?

They're man's best friend. But could what we feed them actually make them sick. Debbie Brookham, Founder of Furry Friends in Colorado Springs says yes.

"We're spending billions of dollars on pet food that are creating disease processes in our pets", said Debbie Brookham.

She says over the past decade there's been an increase in pet illnesses' caused by lack of nutrition.

"We're seeing diabetes, we're seeing awful teeth, we're seeing lots of gastric problems [and] lots of allergies", Debbie Brookham.

But these problems can be corrected.

"So you really want to read those ingredients. You want to avoid the by-products...the sugar, the wheat the corn, the soy", said Debbie Brookham.

And don't forget about the treats.

"Don't feed the crummy treats. The treats are just as bad. So look at those ingredients", Debbie Brookham.

Many pet owners say feeding their pets healthier foods is important. But some worry about the cost. A thirty- pound bag of dry dog food can cost anywhere from $45 to $55 dollars. But there may be some hidden money-savers.

"There are more calories per cup in a nutrient rich food than in an off the shelf brand. It means you're going to feed less to your dog or cat; they're going to absorb those nutrients and be healthier", Debbie Brookham.

Absorbing more nutrients means a happier pet.

"You watch the noticeable difference you'll have in behavior, in how they eat, [and] their deposits in the back yard will be much smaller which is a way big plus", said Debbie Brookham.


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