Nov 6, 2009 5:21 AM by Nicole Vandeputte

"Could this happen here?" Reaction from Fort Carson

Soldiers, and their families, are already in mourning at Fort Carson. More than 2,000 soldiers from the 4th ID at Fort Hood were recently transferred to the Mountain Post.
At Fort Carson, a sense of safety was taken today. "I feel, oh my gosh, could this happen here," says Tammy Munson. She lives on post and has a blog dedicated to military families. It's Her husband is fighting overseas in Afghanistan.

She says through her social networking she talks to a lot of military families. As news unfolded today, the reaction she got was universal; shock. "You just go, oh my gosh! You would never have known. Anybody anywhere can do this kind of thing, and it makes you feel a little less safe," she says.

Fort Carson officials wouldn't get specific, but do say security was stepped up at the Mountain Post after the shooting. The latest reports state the soldier, Major Malik Nadal Hasan who is suspected of this shooting, was carrying at least two guns when he opened fire on fellow soldiers.
At Fort Carson, officials say weapons are tightly monitored. "It is uncommon for them to be carried on main post. These military weapons and ammo are used on firing ranges, training ranges, away from main post," says Lt. Col. Steve Wollman. He's with the 4th ID Public Affairs at Fort Carson.

While this violent story unfolds on US soil, Munson had to break the news to her husband who's fighting overseas in Afghanistan. She said it was the middle of the night there when this shooting happened, but soldiers are quickly finding out. "They're just in a state of disbelief, like what. Some of them are from Fort Hood so they have friends and former co-workers that are there," she says.

Fort Carson wouldn't elaborate about security changes in the future. Officials did say this situation is being looked at very closely across the Army. They say security is always evaluated.


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