Apr 13, 2011 1:35 AM by John Romero

Cops and cabs working together to fight crime

A program connecting cops with cabs is producing results in Colorado Springs. About a year ago the Yellow Cab Company and CSPD began the Cabs on Patrol or COP program. The mission is simple, cab drivers and law enforcement are working together to keep our city a little safer.

"If a cab driver is out and about and they see a crime in progress or something they believe to be suspicious, they have the ability to call directly into our dispatch center." explains Sgt. Steve Noblitt with the Colorado Springs Police Department. It works the other way around too. "If CSPD needs help they can give our dispatcher a call and we can watch for a suspect or a suspect vehicle." says Fred Hair with the Yellow Cab Company of Colorado Springs.

It seems to be working too. Late last month a suspect was apprehended by police after a cab picked him up at a motel in Colorado Springs. Through both dispatches working together, the suspect was led straight to police. "After he was away from the cab, CSPD caught up with the guy and took care of business." explains Hair.

Police like the program because it gives them more resources all over the city. "It puts another set of eyes on the street." explains Noblitt. It also makes would be criminals think twice before they break the law. "Now he (the criminal) has to worry about not only is there a blue and white police cruiser in the area, but is there a cab rolling by." says Hair.



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