Oct 19, 2012 4:21 PM by Andy Koen

Cookie dough caper

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Colorado Springs Police, the Mitchell High School JROTC and people who live in condos at the Satellite Hotel are trying to find the young woman at the center of a not so sweet scam.

She knocked on Liz and Hal Seiferd's door Wednesday afternoon and asked if they would buy some cookie dough as fundraiser for her school's ROTC program. Liz said she nothing seemed out of the ordinary and that she wanted to support the school.

"She was in uniform, she was neat, she was petite, she had her hair pulled back, she looked very legit," Liz said.

Liz ordered a package of sugar cookie dough and a package of peanut butter cookie dough and happily handed the young woman $26 in cash. The warning flags went off the next day for Hal when he realized the young woman would only take cash, didn't leave a receipt and that her order form looked nothing like the brochure.

He called the high school and learned that their fundraiser ended a month ago. The instructor even invited the Seiferds to come to class and see if they recognized the student. She wasn't there. In fact, the patch on her uniform wasn't the same patch the other students were wearing.

The Seiferds aren't worried about losing the money, but they say the scam will likely hurt the school the most.

"This is going to make it bad for Mitchell or any of the other schools that have ROTC, they may think if somebody comes to their door, they're not legit either," Liz said.


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