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Aug 31, 2009 10:52 AM by Andy Koen

Continuity is key to Madison Elementary teacher's success

Madison Elementary School Teacher Deana Rice knows kids have a ground to cover between kindergarten and their first C-SAP test in third grade.It's one reason why our February Teachers First award recipient sticks with her students to help the grow.

Mrs. Rice's students are "looped" with her from year to year, meaning she teaches the same students through first and second grade.Rice says that familiarity lets the class accomplish more, faster the second year.

"They don't have that whole summer to get frightened of who they're going to be with and what the teacher is going to be like and that sort of thing," Rice explains.

Having taught in the same classroom for past 19 years, Mrs. Rice says working with parents and fellow teachers together as a team helps her to ensure each child receives individual attention.

"I really think I'm making a difference in children's lives that carries them on to the next step of their maturation."

That passion is what endears her to her students, and it's what makes Deana Rice our February Teachers First award recipient.If there's a special teacher in your child's life, we'd like to hear about them.Click here to download a nomination form and instructions.


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