Jun 29, 2010 5:51 PM by Stephanie Collins

Containing the Pueblo plague

The Pueblo City County Health Department has started work to contain the plague, which has hit the southwestern part of pueblo.

Workers began placing insecticide dust in each prairie dog burrow on the southwest side of town, near Galbreth Rd. and highway 78 Tuesday. A prairie dog from the area tested positive for the disease on Monday.

This isn't the first time the plague has been in Pueblo, "Every few years it comes through Pueblo County and infects different areas, we've had plague at the reservoir, had it out west of here, it kind of makes sense that it has spread this direction," explains Connie Robinson of the Health Department.

Robinson also says the plague is really hard to permanently get rid of because there will likely always be a flea carrying the disease, "There are reports of them making it through the winter without another meal, so that's how it makes it through to the next year, through the winter."

If you see prairie dogs barking and running around in colonies near your home that probably means no plague, but if you don't, be cautious. Health workers recommend keeping pets away from any prairie dogs in that area, and wear boots and spray yourself with insecticide if you go walking.

Since it can spread, residents in other areas are also encouraged to report any unusual die off of rodents to the Health Department, call 719-583-4323.



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