Sep 26, 2009 7:20 AM by Jamie Smith

Construction project on Arkansas River expected to be noisy

The City of Pueblo Wastewater Department says a construction project is necessary to replace an old, corroding sewer vault and decrease the chance of sewage discharge into the Arkansas River. But the department also says the project due to start next week will likely be a loud, noisy one.

The vault replacement is a major part of a Wastewater capital improvement project in the North Prairie Avenue alignment.
The vault is located on the south side of the Arkansas near the bike trail. It was built in the 1930's, and Wastewater Director Gene Michael says it needs to be replaced immediately.

"Sewers create an acidic environment," he says "and concrete structures are susceptible to corrosion. They have to be protected and maintained, or replaced. If we don't replace this tank, we could have a structural failure and end up with a discharge into the Arkansas. That discharge could be extensive and flow right into the kayak course."

Several very large pumps will be needed as part of the project to divert wastewater flow. The pumps will move the wastewater around the construction site and into a downstream manhole. This is called "bypass pumping."

Pumps will be set up west of the Aberdeen neighborhood, and will begin operation Monday morning, September 28. The construction should be completed by October 1, barring any unexpected conditions that would demand a longer construction period. The pumps are very large and noisy, and will have to run continuously, 24 hours a day. They cannot be turned off until the project is completed.

Wastewater officials say they realize that the sound of the pumps can be a nuisance, but the project must be completed for the protection and safety of residents and the Arkansas. Letters informing the public of the construction project have gone out to people who live near the construction site, and are most likely to be impacted by the noise. You can also get more information on the project by going to our website at


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