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Nov 19, 2010 10:32 AM by Bea Karnes

Conquer your bad breath

This ever happen to you--you have a morning cup of coffee to get your blood flowing. A coworker asks you a question, and when you open your mouth to answer--the other person falls over backwards because of your breath.

In addition to mints and gum, Prevention Magazine has come up with a list of eleven home remedies to conquer killer breath:

  1. Spice things with with cloves, fennel or anise
  2. Brush your tongue
  3. Create your own gargle
  4. Eat parsley
  5. Limit stinky foods
  6. Limit cheese
  7. Stop drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages
  8. Carry a toothbrush
  9. Rinse out your mouth
  10. Gargle
  11. Chew a mint or gum

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