Feb 29, 2012 7:35 PM by Andy Koen

Conflicting reports emerge over bus stop fight

The story that parents are telling News 5 is markedly different from what the police department is saying about a fight that happened Wednesday morning at a school bus stop in Colorado Springs.

The altercation happened at the intersection of E. San Miguel Street and Delaware Drive across the street from the Santa Fe Apartments, where the woman reportedly lives.

The students were being bussed to the Galileo School of Math and Science. District 11 spokesperson Devra Ashby said the driver had arrived just as the fight was breaking up. He quickly gathered the students onboard and left the area.

"When he found out what was happening, he took the students to the next location where he had access to a school and to other people if he needed to," Ashby said.

Police and paramedics were sent to Queen Palmer Elementary where the driver had stopped. According to Ashby, three girls were sent to the hospital with minor injuries and two boys were charged with assault.

However, Sam Rice tells News 5 his son was also hurt.

"A lady attacked some of the kids and they were defending themselves against her and trying to break it up," Rice said. "Two of mine got involved and one of them has been in the hospital for x-rays. He got his arm stomped on."

Rice said his boys weren't the ones who were charged. He also says they must now seek out a medical specialist to determine whether his son's arm was broken.

Police department spokesperson Barbara Miller said the woman is currently considered the victim. The police haven't officially determined who started the fight. The names of the boys who were charged are being kept confidential because they are juveniles.

District 11 security guards supervised the afternoon drop off. The bus stop location had also been moved a block away.

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