Feb 24, 2014 8:18 PM by Matt Prichard

Concerns on cyber-bullying

The war on cyber-bullying kicks into high gear for Coloradans who are fed-up with the social media problem.

"We need to say, if you cyber-bully somebody you will be punished. Right now everybody just think it's a big joke," said Devin 4 Life foundation president, Angel Bradley.

Lawmakers in Denver don't think it's a joke however, and have begun pushing a bill forward that demands accountability.

"Bullying is motivated by hate. And cyber-bullying is intended to do harm through social media. So basically what I'm trying to do is put some guard rails around people intimidating, threatening, and harassing people," said Colorado House Representative, Rhonda Fields.

Representative Fields heads up the bill which defines what harassment is and the different forms it can take, which she says could ultimately save lives.

"They decide maybe not to go to school that day, they ditch school. Some decide to commit suicide, others slip into depression. So this is an issue that must be addressed," said Rep. Fields.

The bill itself brought questions and arguments during its first hearing but lawmakers seem to agree that something needs to be done. Angel Bradley certainly agrees.

"I feel like there was no justice. So even though he wasn't murdered, I use this all the time. I say my son wasn't murdered but it sure feels like he was," said Bradley.

If passed the bill would place a class two misdemeanor on anyone using social media to harass another person.



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