Apr 22, 2014 8:30 PM by Greg Dingrando

Community shocked by major drug bust

COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado Springs' streets are a little safer tonight after police make a drug bust, seven times bigger than the usual.

Police arrested four men: Juan Perez, Carlos Cruz, Luis Lopez-Cruz, and Marcos Gonzalez.

It all started with a traffic stop, but ended with 7 pounds of drugs including meth, heroin, and cocaine, along with two guns, and $52,984.00 in cash.

"Usually we're dealing in amounts less than a pound. That's 90% of the cases we have," said Lt. Mark Hunt with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

More than enough to do a lot of damage on the streets.

"That could be hundreds of individual doses," said Hunt.

The size of this bust wasn't the only surprising part, where it happened was also a bit of a shock. Its was in a nice neighborhood right next to a school.

The staff at Primrose School saw police arriving on the scene and moments later they got a call to go on lockdown.

"Staff just jumped into action. We locked all the doors, and windows, and made sure kids are safe," said Sherry McBride, the director of Primrose School.

And when they finally found out what was going on, they couldn't believe it.

"When its right across the street its really surprising," said Kelsey Crumb, a teacher at the school.

Some of them even recognized the suspects.

"I was like wow we've seen him at the gas station before. You never know who might be a drug dealer," said Crumb.

Springs police said despite the large amount of drugs the four suspects still aren't major players in the local drug market.

A scary thought to those at Primrose, but they said the bust is a step in the right direction.




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