Jun 17, 2014 8:51 PM by Greg Dingrando

Commissioners grill Maketa on status of Sheriff's office

COLORADO SPRINGS - El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa was on the receiving end of more tough questions Tuesday, but this time they were coming from County Commissioners.

He addressed the board on the status of his department, and commissioners had a range of questions for Maketa from his staffing changes to how his office is handling all the controversy.

Sheriff Maketa entered the board room with an entourage of supporters and he immediately went to the mic to address some of the looming questions like how he's managing without almost half of his command staff.

"When they're gone somebody fills that role and does a great job with it. There's no break down in communication, any desire for resources, and every week I'm seeing our deputies perform," said Maketa.

As for the controversy surrounding him he said its not affecting everyday operations.

"They come to work every day and do their job. This week, last week, and week before its no different," said Maketa. He went on to say, "Business continues."

But some board members said its anything but "business as usual."

"This is not just business. This is not just business and natural course of business," said Commissioner Amy Lathen.

"This is still consuming an awful lot of our time and his time over there so its not usual," said Chairman Dennis Hisey

Maketa also addressed the pending lawsuits against him.

"It's not different than the mayor. I'm sure he's getting sued. The Governor, I now he's getting sued almost daily. Other elected officials as well. Its common in the industry especially in government," said Maketa.

But some commissioners said equal employment and sexual favoritism complaints are anything but "common."

"The types of suits being brought forward, no that's not something I would characterize as normal or happening all the time," said Hisey.

One question the board did not ask Maketa was if he plans to resign. They asked him to step down weeks ago, but he refused. We asked the chairman if they plan to ever ask him again considering the lawsuits could end up costing the county thousands of dollars in legal fees and he said he doesn't see any value in bringing it up again.

As for us in the media, Maketa refused to answer any of our questions.



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