Jan 24, 2013 8:06 PM by David Ortiviz

Commissioners angry Pueblo County was short-changed

Pueblo County Commissioners are upset with the former board for settling a lawsuit that cost the county millions.

A company named Qualiclean was hired to clean-up the old ice house building at 6th and Elizabeth that burned in 2007.

An independent arbitrator later ruled the company over-charged Pueblo County by $5 million. Three prior county commissioners settled the lawsuit for $153,000 before leaving office last month.

"If it were in my hands and the current commissioners hands we'd be pursuing them for the additional $4.8 million they stole from citizens of Pueblo. Right now because an agreement was signed the only way we can pursue that is if they don't pay the $150,000," said Commissioner Sal Pace.

Pace says the company has already paid the county $75,000.



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