Jan 24, 2014 10:23 PM by Tony Spehar

Colorado Springs Police make health and fitness a goal for 2014

Police officers in Colorado Springs will be getting fit in 2014 thanks to a new partnership with Penrose-St. Francis Health Services.

Police Chief Pete Carey, Mayor Steve Bach and Penrose-St. Francis CEO Margaret Sabin announced on Friday that police officers now have access to personal training, classes and wellness coaching at gyms operated by Penrose-St. Francis. The goals of the program are to get officers in shape for their mandatory physical ability tests as well as making them safer. The program could also save money for the city by reducing the number of health problems for the police force.

"Police work is tough work so my expectation is police officers are fit and they're able to help the community and each other as safely as possible," Chief Carey explained. "There's going to be a little bit higher standard in the next couple of years."

There's a financial benefit for officers as well, through funds provided by donations from the community every officer that passes their physical ability test at the end of the year will receive $300.


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